Helping you spread the word

We recognize that many organizations help support global adoption of  <IR> through endorsement, advocacy and profile-raising within your own networks. In fact, the global reach of our work, and the resulting momentum in <IR> adoption, would not be possible without this valuable support.

Promote innovation
We will continue to promote innovation across the corporate reporting landscape through a variety of means. Our engagement with leaders in the field both internationally and locally will be focused on encouraging and supporting such innovation. An aspect of this work is our participation in the Corporate Reporting Dialogue as we collaborate with its participants to bring greater coherence, consistency and comparability between corporate reporting frameworks and standards.

Build evidence
The fastest way to get movement towards <IR> is by presenting the evidence. We will continue to identify, collate and commission research and thought leadership that demonstrates how and why <IR> is being adopted. This will include working with partners to identify the benefits of applying integrated thinking.

Advocate <IR>

Our engagement in the global policy and regulatory arena to ensure <IR> is encouraged to flourish is crucial and we work internationally with standard setters, governments and regulators to build the conditions for integrated reporting.

The <IR> Examples Database

The <IR> Examples Database contains examples of emerging practice in integrated reporting, providing key insights for organizations that are developing, or planning to develop, an integrated report. The Database is populated continuously as new reports are released and the innovation we have seen since the Database was first launched in 2012 is incredible.

We rely on insight from our partners as to which reports to feature on the Database. If you know of an organization that is not yet on our list of <IR> Reporters or if you know a report that really stands for its application of any of the <IR> guiding principles, content elements or fundamental concepts you can suggest it here.