Helping you spread the word

We recognize that many organizations help support global adoption of  <IR> through endorsement, advocacy and profile-raising within your own networks. In fact, the global reach of our work, and the resulting momentum in <IR> adoption, would not be possible without this valuable support.

The IIRC’s focus for 2016 and how you can get involved to ensure <IR> reaches wider audiences:

Promote innovation
We will continue to promote innovation across the corporate reporting landscape through a variety of means. Our engagement with leaders in the field both internationally and locally will be focused on encouraging and supporting such innovation. An aspect of this work is our participation in the Corporate Reporting Dialogue as we collaborate with its participants to bring greater coherence, consistency and comparability between corporate reporting frameworks and standards.

Implementation review
In 2016 we will conduct an implementation review of the International <IR> Framework, designed to guide and inform the ongoing development of guidance to support implementation of <IR>. We are putting together an <IR> Framework Panel that will advise on the development of a robust technical programme for the period till 2020. Following discussions with our Council and Network participants we believe consensus in the market is that the IIRC should not contemplate any revision of the Framework for the foreseeable future, but rather focus on the development of guidance to support the implementation of <IR>.

Build evidence
The fastest way to get movement towards <IR> is by presenting the evidence. We will continue to identify, collate and commission research and thought leadership that demonstrates how and why <IR> is being adopted. This will include working with partners to identify the benefits of applying integrated thinking.

Advocate <IR>
Our engagement in the global policy and regulatory arena to ensure <IR> is encouraged to flourish will be stepped up in 2016. We are already involved in China’s presidency of the G20 and partners have agreed to represent the IIRC and Integrated Reporting on B20 Taskforces to shape these discussions and give insight from the corporate reporting field. We also welcome last year’s agreement at COP21 and resulting initiatives such as the Financial Stability Board’s Climate Change Taskforce. Working closely with these initiatives, Integrated Reporting will play its role in delivering on this agreement.

We will be seeking support to develop and deliver projects across a range of areas, including:

  • <IR> Networks
  • Research and evidence
  • Advocacy internationally and locally.

Current campaigns

The <IR> Examples Database

The <IR> Examples Database contains examples of emerging practice in Integrated Reporting, providing key insights for organizations that are developing, or planning to develop, an integrated report. The Database is populated continuously as new reports are released and the innovation we have seen since the Database was first launched in 2012 is incredible.

We rely on insight from our partners as to which reports to feature on the Database. If you know of an organization that is not yet on our list of <IR> Reporters or if you know a report that really stands for its application of any of the <IR> guiding principles, content elements or fundamental concepts you can suggest it here.

<IR> Training

The IIRC is looking to work with a small number of organizations in the initial phase of introducing training to the market, so that we can maintain consistent quality.

We are seeking Foundation Partners, a small group of partners that in the initial phase of delivering <IR> Training will develop and offer the first <IR> training programmes endorsed by the IIRC, delivering the learning outcomes of the <IR> Competence Matrix.

Thank you to those organizations that have already shown a positive interest.

The <IR> Examples Database

We are often asked the question, ‘What does an integrated report look like?’ While Integrated Reporting is a journey and it is still evolving, we can point to those organizations that are leading the way through the <IR> Examples Database. It now includes whole reports that have been recognized as leading practice by reputable award processes. This enables organizations to understand how leading practice is developing as a whole.

The other question we are frequently asked is, ‘Which organizations are already doing <IR>?’ The <IR> Examples Database enables you to browse lists of those organizations whose reports either explicitly refer to the IIRC and/or the Framework, or are clearly influenced by the Framework through their participation in <IR> networks. It is a useful reference point for our partners to use when they are asked who the leaders in Integrated Reporting are.

<IR> Networks

For partners wishing to inform their contacts about activities on offer from joining the <IR> Business Network we have put together a programme of activities for this year. This outlines the key opportunities for <IR> Business Network participants to learn, share and engage to support their organization’s <IR> journey and encourage wider adoption. Some partners are already involved in convening sector or country specific <IR> Networks that are linked with the <IR> Business Network and there are opportunities for others to get more involved. Please contact if you would like to know more about running or participating in an <IR> Network