How is the IIRC funded?

There are four key elements to the IIRC’s funding model:

  • Voluntary contributions – derived from a range of organizations, principally from IIRC Council members and other supporter organizations
  • IIRC network contributions – a monetary contribution to the funds of the IIRC by participants in our networks: <IR> Business Network, <IR> Technology Initiative, Public Sector Pioneer Network
  • Pro bono secondments – principally from the major accounting firms, these account for a substantial part of the IIRC team. We have assign a nominal annual value to the IIRC of £100k per full-time equivalent
  • Other in-kind support – principally the provision of office premises, but also including support for events and projects support.

The pie chart below illustrates the funding raised by the IIRC in 2015. Note that a monetary value has not been attributed to in-kind support received for events and projects support.

Funding 2015