<IR> Networks

“Integrated Reporting fosters and embeds
integrated thinking – everyone has a common
understanding and speaks the same language.”
Bertrand Badré, Managing Director
& CFO, World Bank Group

Over 750 people are participating in networks around the world to continue their journey towards <IR>. Participants in these networks are leading the way in adopting <IR> with transformational effects not just on the way they report, but on the way they think and act. Most <IR> networks are run on a global scale, however, this map can help you find out what is happening locally to you:


<IR> networks are instrumental in increasing the pace and scale of <IR>, primarily through the <IR> Business Network our flagship programme, for businesses committed to the adoption of <IR>. In addition, there are networks covering the public sector, pension funds, technology, banking, insurance and investors.

The IIRC is collaborating with many organizations around the world to run these networks, including stock exchanges, institutes, businesses and industry associations. For example, the Confederation of Indian Industry and the Brazilian Development Bank are leading dynamic and wide-reaching networks in their regions. The IIRC is keen to develop and replicate this model globally to bring the benefits of <IR> to new audiences.