<IR> Academic Network

The <IR> Academic Network facilitates collaboration and sharing of information among academics and between academics and others, including reporting organizations, providers of financial capital, policy-makers and standard setters. It also ensures the IIRC is kept abreast of relevant academic thinking, including research evidence concerning the business case for <IR>.

The IIRC is currently inviting academic institutions to submit expressions of interest to help facilitate the <IR> Academic Network.

You can join the <IR> Academic Network by becoming a member of its forum. The purpose of the <IR> Academic Network LinkedIn forum is to:

  • Announce new <IR>-related publications, surveys, web content, etc., primarily from academics, but also from the IIRC, accounting bodies and firms and others
  • Announce upcoming <IR>-related conferences, calls for papers, research grants, etc.
  • Seek collaborators for <IR> related research
  • Discuss <IR> related topics (technical or other).