<IR> Banking Network

“<IR> enables us to better communicate how we
are executing against our strategy and in doing so
create value for our key stakeholder groups,”
Mikkel Larsen, Managing Director and
Head of Tax & Accounting Policy, DBS Bank Ltd.

The <IR> Banking Network extends the work of the <IR> Business Network, bringing together banks and enabling them to focus together on the aspects of applying <IR> particularly relevant to the sector.

Participants share best practice and experiences in order to support each other as they prepare integrated reports. They discuss practical solutions in order to unlock the benefits of applying the International <IR> Framework to their business.

The network participants join calls every two months, hearing from peers and experts in the fields, to support their progress with implementing <IR>.


<IR> Banking Network participants have released the following publications as practical guides for the industry:

IR Banking Network


Applying the Integrated Reporting concepts of outcomes and social and relationship capital in the banking industry‘. This paper helps to clarify some of the issues that banks have raised when preparing integrated reports and provides insights into current practice of banks’ reporting on outcomes. It also outlines leading reporting practice and articulates the benefits for banks in reporting on outcomes. It is intended as a brief practical guide to the industry rather than a conceptual analysis.



Front Page Banking Network


Applying the Integrated Reporting concept of ‘capitals’ in the banking industry’ provides an insight into current practices for banks’ reporting on the capitals, outlines leading reporting practice and articulates the value proposition for banks to report on the capitals.




‘Innovation in banking – are we communicating the value created?’ This paper calls on banks to improve measurement and disclose of ‘innovation’ in their integrated reports as part of the capitals used and affected by the business. Leading practice examples of disclosure from various industries are included to inspire banks seeking to improve their disclosures.







Denise Gibran Nogueira, Sustainability Manager, Itaú Unibanco discusses how corporate reporting can give a company the competitive edge – and the biggest benefits she has seen so far.