Borsa Istanbul releases first integrated report

25 May, 2018

Borsa Istanbul has today announced the publication of its first integrated report. The IIRC has a Memorandum of Understanding with Borsa Istanbul to help build adoption of integrated reporting in Turkey. Announcing the publication of their report, Borsa Istanbul stated:

On November 13, 2017, Borsa İstanbul and International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) signed a collaboration agreement which aims to increase the adoption of integrated reporting in Turkey. On the same day, Borsa İstanbul hosted an opening-bell ceremony for companies that prepare integrated reports and a separate meeting for sharing integrated reporting experience.

In addition to its environmental, social and governance performance and goals, Borsa İstanbul aims to present its activities in 2017 and its middle-long term plans to shareholders, investors and other stakeholders in a short and concise manner by enriching the information with quantitative and financial data.

With its Integrated Annual Report, the “Borsa İstanbul 2018-2023 Strategic Plan” has been announced as a whole along with its business processes. In order to stimulate the competitiveness in the main businesses and also in line with its vision of “to be the leading integrated marketplace bringing together investors and ideas”, the priorities of the strategy have been determined as sustainable income flow and structure, operational efficiency and inorganic growth.  With a focus on offering easily accessible, liquid and deep markets for investors; the strategic goals of Borsa İstanbul includes increasing the number of companies and products as well as the data, technology, equity and derivative revenues; deepening integration with Takas İstanbul (Turkish CCP) and Merkezi Kayıt İstanbul (CSD of Turkey); becoming a regional gold custody center, and targeting investments especially in the field of financial technology and in innovative initiatives. All of the mentioned goals serve Borsa İstanbul’s mission of “to create an efficient marketplace that provides stability and confidence for  investors, to promote an international business structure including Islamic finance products, to lead digital transformation and innovation, and to support economic growth”.

In the report, the topics which are deemed important by both Borsa İstanbul and its stakeholders to achieve the strategic goals are discussed as material issues; and these were placed under strategic themes. The report also addressed the assessment of risks and the business model which aims to make value generated sustainable.

Borsa İstanbul will continue in its efforts to improve the quality of dialogue with stakeholders and welcomes questions, opinions, and suggestions regarding the integrated report via e-mail address.