IIRC to speak at ‘Drivers of change for the public sector: Bringing governments closer to citizens and businesses in a digital age through ethics and trust’

31 August, 2017

Philippe Peuch Lestrade, Strategic Senior Executive, International Integrated Reporting Council will address ACCA’s event in Luxembourg on 26 September 2017 to discuss building trust, ethics, integrity and accountability in the public sector.

The event will focus on the factors driving change in the public sector, such as the level and type of public services needed in the future and the level of funds available for public spending. The session will address the need to sustain rising populations and fuel economic growth and how this can be balanced against the planet’s finite resources. It will also look at the changing nature of public services due to digital technology, improving social inclusiveness and government accountability. Speakers will address the questions such as, ‘How do we reboost damaged public trust?’ and ‘How do we answer citizen’s rising demand for transparency?’

If you are interested in attending this event please email ACCA’s Cecile Bonino on cecile.bonino@accaglobal.com