LF4HE: Why explore integrated thinking and reporting? An interview with Newcastle University

5 March, 2018

Ten universities are participating in a year-long project to explore Integrated Thinking and Reporting. Kim Ansell, managing consultant, Leadership Foundation asks Richard Dale, executive director of finance, Newcastle University, why they are taking part, what they have already learned and what they expect to gain from it.

What was the main driver which prompted you to explore integrated thinking and reporting?
Participation in a BUFDG review in early 2016 of a sample of financial statements for 2014/15 stimulated an internal discussion about the opportunities that Integrated Reporting could bring in providing a more holistic view of the University’s performance and plans. Our journey towards Integrated Thinking and Reporting has continued since then and has informed our approach to developing a new vision and strategy for the University. This will place increased emphasis on inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary work and the importance of joined up thinking both across the campus and between academic and professional services teams. We see an Integrated Thinking and Reporting approach to how we work as adding value in taking forward the vision and strategy.

Selected as one of the pilot universities for external review by the IIRC we wanted to understand how well our 2015/16 report met the International Integrated Reporting Framework and to understand how far we had to go.

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