The Bruce Column — Paul Druckman looks back over five years of achievement

22 November, 2016

Five years can bring about an immense amount of change. Paul Druckman has just stepped down as chief executive of the International Integrated Reporting Council.

And in a video interview with Robert Bruce he has reflected on what has been achieved in that time under his leadership.

Probably his most important achievement over those years is how the concept of integrated thinking is now moving towards being a mainstream benefit of an integrated reporting system. Under Druckman’s vigorous encouragement the reporting system which companies operate has evolved into something which is not just a means of communicating what a company has done and how it has done it but a lead motivator for change within companies. He sees it as part of what he calls ‘a new information architecture’ which will sit well alongside and within changing attitudes in the corporate governance world. Once everything was geared around the financials, he says. Now we are seeing a broader form of value creation with integrated reporting, a multi-capital system, which will drive a more inclusive and responsible capitalism. It is no longer simply about trust and KPIs, or about delivering a broader based prosperity. It’s about all three. And, he underlines, the momentum is probably unstoppable.

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