The Bruce Column — Pushing stakeholders towards value creation and the long term

10 February, 2017

Robert Bruce reports on moves towards widespread adoption of integrated reporting and the direction taken at the recent joint conference of the International Corporate Governance Network and the International Integrated Reporting Council.

For integrated reporting this year is intended to be a time of strategic initiatives aimed at making the reporting system a principle of corporate governance for the future and a catalyst for a more cohesive reporting system. There is a series of themes developing. There is the question of global adoption of the integrated reporting framework across all sectors; greater technical support to increase the quality of integrated reporting practice; being a catalyst for corporate governance change in the capital markets; facilitating greater alignment of the corporate reporting system; and bringing the concepts of integrated reporting to bear on the policy and regulatory environment. All of this will play out over the year ahead. And these themes were echoed at a gathering late last year where views were shared and the scale of change assessed.

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