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BizNis Africa: How to plan for Human Capital – beyond rand and cents

20 March 2017

Dr Tumo Kele, Gordon Institute of Business Science Full-time Faculty Member The King IV Report on Corporate Governance for South Africa recommends that, in formulating its strategy, the organisation should consider the connectivity and interdependencies that exist between the functions and resources involved in the strategy implementation and value creation process. The functions referred to …

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Values have Value: A speech by Richard Howitt, CEO, IIRC

16 March 2017

Today the International Integrated Reporting Council is collaborating in the signing of an agreement to set a new standard for corporate disclosure jointly drawn up with the Brazilian Government and the Brazilian Development Bank. IIRC Chief Executive Richard Howitt was present at the signing ceremony in Brasilia and this article is an edited version of …

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IIRC leaders plan push for integrated reporting in the U.S.

13 March 2017

The new chief of the International Integrated Reporting Council is aiming to build support for integrated reporting in the U.S. as the IIRC begins to gather feedback on how companies are implementing it. “I think we’re making really strong progress,” said IIRC CEO Richard Howitt during a meeting in New York last week. “We want …

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Board Agenda: IIRC seeks global feedback on integrated reporting

3 March 2017

International Integrated Reporting Council launches worldwide call for feedback on the use of integrated reporting. The body that created integrated reporting, the system of financial reporting that prioritises long-term value creation, and which has gained popularity internationally, has made a worldwide call for feedback on its use and implementation. You can read the full article …

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Environmental Leader: How Does Your Firm Use Integrated Reporting — Or Why Doesn’t It? IIRC Wants to Know

3 March 2017

Does your company use integrated reporting? The International Integrated Reporting Framework wants feedback from businesses about this approach to corporate reporting — the organization released the International <IR> Framework in 2013 — and today launched a worldwide call for feedback on its implementation. You can read the full article here How Does Your Firm Use …

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IIRC launches global call for feedback on business implementation of Integrated Reporting

2 March 2017

Three years after publication of the International Integrated Reporting Framework for companies to adopt a forward-looking, broader approach to their corporate reporting aligned to long-term value creation, the global coalition supporting the transition is launching a worldwide call for feedback on its implementation, today Wednesday 1 March 2017. The International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) is announcing …

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Ethical Boardroom: A roadmap for long-term value creation in the capital markets

23 February 2017

By Richard Howitt – CEO, International Integrated Reporting Council Let me suggest a new take on the debate about shifting to long-termism – something investors are often portrayed as having little interest in. It is true that there is a natural tendency to review outcomes frequently and base investment decisions on recent history and events. It …

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Economic Times: Beyond financial results – The Integrated Reporting Framework

16 February 2017

A company’s performance is no longer just about financial numbers. It includes a host of other factors such as sustainability, corporate governance and overall its ability to be viewed as a responsible corporate citizen. Companies therefore, for the past couple of decades generate annual reports as well as sustainability reports. Also, some countries have other …

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The Bruce Column — Pushing stakeholders towards value creation and the long term

10 February 2017

Robert Bruce reports on moves towards widespread adoption of integrated reporting and the direction taken at the recent joint conference of the International Corporate Governance Network and the International Integrated Reporting Council. For integrated reporting this year is intended to be a time of strategic initiatives aimed at making the reporting system a principle of …

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