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UAE New Trend For Middle East Companies Moving Towards Listing To Adopt Integrated Reporting

13 December 2017

The next step as more family and private firms move towards listing on stock exchanges across the Middle East and North Africa region, is likely to see companies encouraged to meet the new ‘integrated reporting’  practices which are being driven by international investors. Adoption of the practice which sees companies providing annual reports which cover …

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Mondovisione: Borsa İstanbul’s Bell Rings For Companies That Prepare Integrated Reports – Integrated Reporting Experience Sharing Meeting Was Held

16 November 2017

Integrated Reporting Turkey Network (ERTA), which started its operations in 2015 in order to raise awareness on “Integrated Thought” and “Integrated Reporting” approach in Turkey in line with the global developments and to support companies’ practices in this area, announced its establishment by an opening-bell ceremony at Borsa İstanbul in early 2017. On November 13, …

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ICAS: Is business just a “problem train” – The ICAS annual lecture 2017

9 November 2017

Business has a stark ethical choice: to be a passenger on a “problem train” heading for potential disaster, or a player, taking active steps to help solve the world’s big challenges. That was the message from David Nussbaum CA, speaking at the ICAS Annual Lecture in London on 31 October. This year’s lecture took place …

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ICAS Annual Lecture – Speech by David Nussbaum

9 November 2017

David Nussbaum CA, Chief Executive of The Elders and Deputy Chair of the board of the International Integrated Reporting Council, delivered the ICAS Annual Lecture in London on 31 October 2017. This year’s lecture, ‘The World’s Big Problems – is Business a Player or a Passenger?’  took place at Stationers’ Hall in the City of …

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Financial Advisor: Improving The Quality Of ESG Data

8 November 2017

Vincent Papa, director, financial reporting policy for CFA Institute, notes that CFA Institute looks at initiatives that enhance company-reported ESG information and how it is incorporated into investment analyses. To do that effectively you need high-quality information. You can read the complete article here.

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Bluenotes: Corporate reporting – it’s time to tell the whole story

6 November 2017

Shareholders and other stakeholders, large and small, are demanding more transparency from listed companies, well beyond the traditional, glossy annual report. Like many ASX listed companies, ANZ delivers two main reports: an Annual Report, focused primarily on the financial performance of the bank, and a Corporate Sustainability Review, focussed on the bank’s social and environmental …

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Acuity Magazine: Integrated Reporting – the future of accounting

31 October 2017

A new wave of global non-financial reporting is changing the way accountants tell the story of their companies. In a move being led by international investors and company boards, the way that accountants carry out reporting is changing worldwide. A trend towards non-financial reporting is the way of the future, and is set to become …

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Sri Lanka Daily News: CMA participates at integrated reporting convention in Amsterdam

30 October 2017

The Official Integrated Reporting Convention 2017 was held in October 2017 at Rai, Amsterdam, Netherlands. The theme of the convention was “Unlocking value for future-fit organisations”. The official convention was organized by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) headquartered in the UK. Sri Lanka had representations from CMA Sri Lanka President Prof Lakshman R Watawala; …

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FEI Daily: For Small Businesses, Trust Goes Beyond the Numbers

24 October 2017

Integrated Reporting stimulates integrated thinking across a company, ultimately resulting in more holistic business decisions that will drive better business performance. Global trust in large businesses is waning, and recent studies show that trust is highest amongst people’s friends, neighbors, and communities – the places where small businesses thrive. In this environment, it might be …

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