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Corporate Reporting in the Big Data Era

28 April 2014

What is the brand new management hype? Real-time reporting of financial information is certainly close to the top of that list. Calls for more frequent reporting of financial information suggest that quarterly or semi-annual reports come too late for investors. The argument goes that more frequent reporting will decrease cost of capital and improve corporate …

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Integrated Reporting in Brazil

11 April 2014

The introduction of Integrated Reporting <IR> concepts is very similar to the start of the Corporate Governance (CG) movement in Brazil. Both cases offer a new way to think about the world of organizations. The debate about the best CG practices enjoyed wonderful progress over the past two decades. It was initially very difficult to …

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It’s about the whole movie, not just how it ends

25 March 2014

Integrated Reporting is arguably the current frontier of corporate reporting. The demands on corporate reports are growing rapidly in parallel with stakeholder expectations of a greater in-depth understanding of the companies they have an interest in. In this context, the recent establishment of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) by a number of leading organisations …

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Perspectives of where stands within the corporate reporting landscape

26 February 2014

In 2011 EnBW embarked on a journey towards Integrated Reporting. The direction of this journey is already known, but the path has still to be determined together with its internal and external stakeholders. In order to do justice to future markets, political and society demands, EnBW has set a clear focus on its strategic targets. …

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The Generali Group explore using Integrated Reporting internally.

26 November 2013

The Generali Group, an international insurance company based in Italy, is a pioneer in bringing to life the Integrated Reporting “internally”. Here, Massimo Romano, who leads Generali’s group integrated reporting team, discusses the benefits that they are detecting. Integrated Reporting helps us in defining a more complete value creation story to be highlighted to our …

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New European proposal “vital” for Integrated Reporting

25 November 2013

After serving for more than ten years as Rapporteur to promote corporate social responsibility in the European Union, I became increasingly sure that transparency was the key for businesses and that a global rather than a European approach was the way to achieve it. I concluded that some of the top companies had achieved much …

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A stepping stone to Integrated Reporting

25 September 2013

Liz Prescott, Head of Relationships, East Asia and Australasia at IIRC, based in Melbourne, gives us her reaction to the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC)’s release of Regulatory Guide 247 ‘Effective disclosure in an operating and financial review’  In Australia, we saw the March release of Regulatory Guide 247 from ASIC which aims to improve disclosure …

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Tone at the top and Integrated Reporting

19 September 2013

Latest blog by Alex Malley, Chief Executive at CPA Australia in The Accountant. For other blogs and articles please see The Accountant website The expression ‘tone at the top’ gained currency through a series of high profile corporate failures – from Enron and WorldCom in the United States of America to AWB Limited in Australia and …

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South African reflections on integrated reporting

19 September 2013

Read Paul Druckman’s recent post in The Accountant. For other blogs and articles please see The Accountant website IIRC’s chief executive Paul Druckman speaks of the comments received so far to the first-ever International Integrated Reporting Framework with a special focus on South Africa’s efforts to lead the way in integrated reporting Since we launched …

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