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Reporting on broader value creation: what good is beginning to look like

18 August 2017

Since 2005, we have conducted annual research on reporting trends across the FTSE 100. What we’ve observed is corporate reporting focused on broader value creation become the norm across the UK’s best practice reporting landscape. Our data shows a steady trend of companies reporting on more than just financials – by integrating more pre-financial factors into their reports. At a time when companies are pressured to think more about …

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Integrated Thinking & Reporting Requires Trusted Advisors: Guiding Your SME Clients

7 August 2017

The International Integrated Reporting Council’s International Integrated Reporting Framework defines integrated thinking as: “The active consideration by an organization of the relationships between its various operating and functional units and the ‘multiple capitals’ that the organization uses or affects. Integrated thinking leads to integrated decision making and actions that consider the creation of value over …

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The future of reporting is here today

21 July 2017

Among the many recommendations of ICAEW’s seminal 1975 publication, The Corporate Report, one that stands out is that ‘legal reporting requirements and accounting practices’ should keep pace with ‘technological innovation and change’. Fast forward forty-two years and ICAEW’s Financial Reporting Faculty has just released its most recent paper on this subject. What’s next for corporate …

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Reimagining the big picture of enterprise value

14 July 2017

Broadening and deepening our understanding of value is absolutely vital for improving performance and building investor and stakeholder credibility,  argues Anant G Nadkarni, Advisor, Value creation. Extensive research into value organised by a reputed global body of accountants estimates that the world’s combined ‘enterprise value’ rose from $30 trillion in 2001 to $90 trillion in …

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‘Encouraging’ new EU guidelines for integrated reporting by European businesses

11 July 2017

The European Union’s Non-Financial Reporting Directive will see at least 6,000 companies across Europe change their reporting during the next 12 months. As a former Member of the European Parliament, I was deeply proud to have helped steer agreement of the Directive. Now, as the CEO of the International Integrated Reporting Council, I am equally …

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Why our integrated report is a fundamental tool to interact with the market

15 June 2017

The Group’s first Integrated Report represents a new phase for us in our commitment to transparently and comprehensively telling our story, identifying and making explicit the elements that characterize our company, modifying language and content in the relationship between the company and the market. We have adopted a transversal approach capable of connecting objectives, activities …

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A Call to Action: Walk the Talk on Integrated Reporting

7 June 2017

This article was first posted on IFAC’s Global Knowledge Gateway.  IFAC recently issued a policy position on integrated reporting highlighting the need for a single report providing a fuller picture of an organization’s ability to create value over time, and greater interconnectedness between different reports. IFAC member organizations can utilize this policy in their own …

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Advocacy and alignment are essential to enhance the relevance of corporate reporting

16 May 2017

Advocacy is a powerful means of increasing the status of <IR>, especially when it comes from influential organizations, and especially their leaders. We have benefited from a movement of diverse voices and insights, who can articulate <IR> in a way that resonates most with different audiences and organizations. Indeed, many participants and other partners across …

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