Why Asset Owners Should Use The Integrated Reporting Framework

23 January 2019 in IIRC's news

Keith Ambachtsheer, President, KPA Advisory has written a letter to clients outlining the importance of the International Integrated Reporting Framework. Writing in the letter, Mr Ambachtsheer stated that, “The very act of choosing to tell its story using the medium of integrated thinking sends the message to an organization’s stakeholders that it cares deeply about …

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IIRC publishes 2019 <IR> Business Network Programme of Activities

21 January 2019 in IIRC's news

The IIRC has published the 2019 programme of activities for its flagship <IR> Business Network. Highlights of the 2019 programme include: a confidential specialist and investor review of participant’s integrated reports; the opportunity to engage with the Integrated Thinking and Strategy Group; monthly tailored webinars; and complimentary places to attend the IIRC Global Conference 2019. …

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Why integrated reporting suits our investment philosophy

9 January 2019 in Blog posts

Dr Roland Rott, Head of ESG at La Française Asset Management, shares his insights into why La Française has signed the IIRC’s investor statement signalling its support for integrated reporting We are delighted to sign the Investor Statement of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) in support for integrated reporting. By doing so we want …

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IIRC Newsletter

17 December 2018 in Newsletter

In this edition: The IIRC team looks back at the defining moments of 2018 – and shares insights into what 2019 holds New alignment project can ‘cut the clutter’ in business reporting Challenging, debating, energizing and learning from each other: read our report from the <IR> Business Network meeting in Paris  Directors worldwide turn to …

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Leadership is more about resource managers learning to clearly become, by design, value creators

14 December 2018 in Blog posts

In the last five years or more several businesses and government-regulators have ushered in the emerging multiple-capital scenario of enterprises by adopting the integrated reporting framework. There is also an increasing focus on new systems and culture for integrated thinking and performance, leaving the reporting part to evolve. It is important to see if this …

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New alignment project can ‘cut the clutter’ in business reporting

7 November 2018 in Blog posts, IIRC's news

Business knows it has to change to survive. The concept of ‘business as usual’ has become redundant. It is now commonplace in business circles to hear dire warnings about how artificial intelligence will fundamentally disrupt today’s business models, how the contract between business and society is breaking down, and how climate change adaptation will strand …

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Leading corporate reporting bodies launch two-year project for better alignment

7 November 2018 in IIRC's news

Major international corporate reporting standard setters and framework providers have today [Wednesday 7 November 2018] announced a ground-breaking new two-year project focused on driving better alignment in the corporate reporting landscape, to make it easier for companies to prepare effective and coherent disclosures that meet the information needs of capital markets and society. Launched simultaneously at the …

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Core indicators launched at United Nations for integrated reporting by enterprises on sustainable development goals

24 October 2018 in IIRC's news

New research, guidance and core indicators for integrated reporting by enterprises in how they are contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), is being released at the United Nations in Geneva today (24 October 2018), in partnership with the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC). Agenda 2030 provides the context to accelerate global progress towards the integration …

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IIRC welcomes ‘Investor Agenda for Corporate ESG Reporting’

23 October 2018 in IIRC's news

The International Integrated Reporting Council has welcomed the publication of ‘Investor Agenda for Corporate ESG Reporting’ – the result of investor collaboration to set out a clear statement on what investors need from ESG reporting. The report states that the group of investors consider integrated reporting “to be a desirable end goal.” The publication is …

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