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What ABN AMRO says about its journey towards integrated reporting

ABN AMRO published its first Integrated Annual Report in 2015, its second integrated report in 2016, and in March 2017, the bank published its first Integrated Annual Review. This latest report, a concise and attractive annual review of 80 pages, includes assurance based on the <IR> Framework provided by EY.

Our financial results reflect only one aspect of our business; integrated reporting allows us to present the non-financial value we create in a structured, transparent manner. We have started by adopting integrated reporting as a way to encourage integrated thinking. Producing an integrated report also helps us to discover what matters most to our stakeholders and to identify what we need to improve in order to meet their needs and create long-term value for all our stakeholders. Receiving assurances based on the <IR> Framework has been a great step forward in understanding the core elements of integrated reporting and improving the quality of our Annual Review.

Tjeerd Krumpelman, Head of Business Advisory, Reporting & Stakeholder Management at ABN AMRO:

“At ABN AMRO, we consider financial and non-financial value to be equally important. I have found that the process of creating an Annual Review works like a management tool: it raises questions, introduces discipline, and gives us insight into the non-financial value we have created in the previous year and what steps we need to take in order to keep creating sustainable value for all our stakeholders. Our integrated reporting helps make this value transparent.”


ABN AMRO is a leading full-service bank with a transparent and client-driven business model, a moderate risk profile, a clean and strong balance sheet with predominantly traditional banking products, and a solid capital position and strong funding profile. It serves retail, private and corporate banking clients, with a primary focus on the Netherlands and with selective operations internationally.

ABN AMRO’s long-term strategy stands firm. We are client-driven; We invest in the future; We maintain a moderate risk profile; We pursue sustainable growth. Our goal is to create long-term value for all our stakeholders – our clients, our employees, investors and society at large.