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Enagás SA

Spain, Oil & Gas

About Enagás

Enagás is a Technical Manager of the Spanish Gas System and the main carrier of natural gas in Spain. It has nearly 11,000 km of pipelines throughout the Spanish territory, three underground storage facilities and four plants. It also owns 50% of the Bilbao regasification plant, 30% of Sagunto LNG terminal and the 100% of Gascan, which develops the project for the construction of two LNG terminals in the Canary Islands.  Enagás is also present in México, Perú, Chile, Sweeden, Greece, Italy and Albany through participation in different gas infrastructure construction and operation projects.

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What Enagás says about its journey towards <IR>

Integrated Reporting has helped Enagás make its reporting more effective by providing a better framework for explaining how material issues related to all relevant capitals are integrated into core business management.

The need to connect information highlights the links between key areas, and this is leading to better integrated thinking and better articulation of management priorities in corporate reporting.

Integrated Reporting has a significant positive impact in the engagement level of staff and in the cooperation levels between different teams.

Integrated Reporting is already bringing significant external benefits, and these are expected to increase going forward. This includes: better understanding about how the organization creates value over time; a more forward-looking, long-term view of the organization’s performance; stronger relationships with providers of financial capital.

Enagas’ move towards <IR> has a significant impact on analysts and institutional investors. We are convinced that investors now have a better understanding of the company’s strategy and have more confidence in its long-term future. More detailed reporting on the company’s business model has helped to make Enagás’s role in the natural gas value chain clearer, particularly to investors outside of its home market.

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