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About Generali Group

Generali Group is one of the leading insurers in the world, with an extensive line of products in the Life and Property & Casualty segments. It operates in the insurance sector with a multi-channel distribution strategy through a global proprietary sales network of agents and financial advisors, supported by brokers, bancassurance and direct channels.

What Generali Group says about its journey towards integrated reporting

Generali participated in the IIRC Pilot Programme between 2012 and 2014, helping to test and develop the International <IR> Framework. Since then, it has participated in the <IR> Network, as well as helping to launch the <IR> Insurance Network. Generali decided to take this new approach to corporate reporting as it represents an innovative and effective way to communicate the Group’s ability to create value in a sustainable manner over time.

In its 2017 report, Generali focused on the further integration of non-financial information. The Annual Integrated Report mirrors Generali Group in all its various faces, embedding both financial and pre-financial aspects.

In this report, Generali applied the Core & More concept, using this as an opportunity to further innovate around their reporting, creating a truly holistic ‘core’ report – i.e. the Annual Integrated Report. It contains the material non-financial information that was previously available in the sustainability report. This information was selected thanks to an innovative materiality determination process.

The overall value creation process is set out through this single document, thereby achieving the final target of the <IR> Framework to have a report that goes through all of the strategic information, regardless of their financial or non-financial nature.

Besides materiality and conciseness, Generali has also focused on using connectivity to guide them in the journey and drafting of the report. Generali believes that living in a digital era means it is essential to have an online and mobile-designed version of the information they want to share, especially if they want to reach everyone, everywhere, every time. The interactive report enables users to surf through the report, and to understand the connection between the capitals and strategic KPIs. It also helps with usability and understanding, thanks to the ‘glossary’ pop-ups that explain the technical terms.

Generali invite all feedback on their 2017 report, which can be submitted to