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About Indra

Indra is a Spanish leading consulting and technology multinational and one of the most prominent in Europe and Latin America. The company provides business solutions, IT services and comprehensive systems to clients all over the world. Indra’s business model is based on proprietary solutions (representing close to 65% of 2014 revenue), that serves leading clients in numerous countries. In 2014 it posted revenue of 2,938 million euros (close to 60% of revenue is international) and had 39,000 employees, a local presence in 46 countries and projects in 149 countries. The company groups its solutions and services into the vertical markets of Energy and Industry, Financial Services, Telecom & Media, Public Administration & Healthcare, Transport & Traffic and Security & Defense.

What Indra says about its journey towards <IR>

At Indra, we began our journey towards Integrated Reporting in 2008, when the company first published a report that described the performance in terms of its economic, social and environmental views. Indra believes that this way of reporting means presenting the company in a more realistic manner by offering a joint and global vision of the impact of the operations on all of its stakeholders.

At the end of 2011, Indra joined the IIRC Pilot Programme in order to continue making progress towards the increased integration of financial and extra-financial reporting.

Since then, Indra has been adopting the <IR> Framework by improving reporting on the content elements and evolving the report’s structure to better illustrate how the company creates value in the short, medium and long term.

We put our efforts into improving connectivity and conciseness and we see the development of key performance indicators as the cornerstone of our Integrated Reporting and integrated thinking, which will require a higher maturity of the information systems related to extra-financial information, stronger information control systems and improved assurance processes.

Our journey towards Integrated Reporting is also affected by the European and Spanish legal requirements. In this sense, in 2013 Indra began making the necessary changes to implement the guidance for preparing management reports from the National Stock Market Commission of Spain (CNMV) and the 2014/95/UE European Directive. Both norms (with the implementation scheduled for 2017) will be the final boost for the integration of financial and extra-financial information in Indra’s reporting.

The Annual Report of Indra is available in through our website, on the following link: