IIRC Case studies

What does good look like?

Black Sun: What Better Reporting Looks Like

A snapshot of 50 organizations from around the world recognized for their integrated reporting. In this review, Black Sun provide an overview of how the <IR> Framework is being implemented by organisations recognized for their reporting from five regions across the world: South Africa, the UK, Europe, Asia/Oceania and Japan. You can read the full …

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The Integrated Reporting journey: the inside story

The IIRC and Black Sun have released ‘The Integrated Reporting journey: the inside story‘ which looks at the stories behind the research report, ‘Realizing the benefits: The impact of Integrated Reporting’ published in September 2014. This publication includes interviews with 27 different organizations from around the world.

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<IR> Yearbook 2014

This Yearbook demonstrates and celebrates the momentum behind Integrated Reporting – highlighting the experiences, tips and recommendations of the businesses and investors that helped to develop, test and pioneer Integrated Reporting.

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IIRC Pilot Programme Yearbook 2013: Business and Investors explore the sustainability perspective

The IIRC Pilot Programme Yearbook 2013 details the journeys of the IIRC Pilot Programme businesses and investors as they work towards <IR>. It describes how businesses are connecting departments, and developing their strategies for longer term value creation. Integrated Reporting can be viewed through several lenses: from the perspective of finance, or intangibles such as intellectual …

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Integrated Reporting Examples Database

The Integrated Reporting Examples Database contains examples of emerging practice in Integrated Reporting that illustrate how organizations are currently reporting concise information about how their strategy, governance, performance and prospects, in the context of their external environment, lead to the creation of value over the short, medium and long term.

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Pilot Programme 2012 Yearbook

Read about the journey many Pilot Programme businesses have embarked upon towards communicating more coherent, value-relevant information to investors and other stakeholders in the 2012 Yearbook. Translated Yearbook:  IIRC Pilot Programme 2012 Japanese version

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