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IFA: The Board of directors and integrated reporting

One of the key functions of the Board of Directors is to define a value creation strategy for the company’s shareholders. For the French Institute of Directors (IFA), integrated thinking and integrated reporting are an inherent part of this function. The former is used to establish the company’s long-term vision, while the second aims to …

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State Street: The Investing Enlightenment

How Principle and Pragmatism Can Create Sustainable Value through ESG. There are significant challenges in our world today, ranging from deep income inequality to climate change. There are also advances in understanding and analysis that allows us to take a pragmatic approach to a critical but seemingly elusive question: How can we leverage the capital …

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Michael P. Krzus: Integrated Reporting for a Long-term Strategy

This document maps the International Integrated Reporting Framework to the “10 elements of a long-term strategy,” creating a framework for communicating a company’s long-term strategy to investors. The framework has three broad objectives. Provide practical guidance for establishing a corporate-investor dialogue about an organization’s long-term objectives and the actions needed to achieve strategic goals. Challenge …

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Creating Value: Value to investors

Value to investors demonstrates the link between investment decisions, corporate behaviour and reporting. In this publication, we turn the spotlight on investors. <IR> can help to fill the information gaps investors face and support investment decisions based on a broader view of value creation. Although the International <IR> Framework addresses providers of financial capital as …

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Meeting users’ information needs: The use and usefulness of Integrated Reporting

This report, jointly commissioned by IIRC, the IAAER and ACCA explores how providers of financial capital perceive Integrated Reporting and its potential for providing decision-useful information, through interviews with senior capital market participants. This research report directly polled the views of the users of financial information on integrated reporting, and in doing so, explores how …

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