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Nkonki: A new era for public sector entities in South Africa

Assurance and advisory firm Nkonki has released the findings of its fourth annual review of Integrated Reporting in South African State Owned Companies  (SOCs). Entitled “Integrated Reporting: A New Era for Public Sector Entities in South Africa”, the report assesses how local parastatals measure up in terms of applying the guiding principles of and global …

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Generation Foundation: Allocation Capital for Long Term Returns

Generation Foundation published white paper ‘Allocation Capital for Long Term Returns’, which  is intended to reassert and update the ever-stronger business case for Sustainable Capitalism, and outline an updated approach to allocating capital for long-term returns. Read the report here.    

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SAICA: Integrated thinking, an exploratory survey

The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) have published a document, ‘Integrated thinking, an exploratory survey‘ in which they surveyed some of the top 100 companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and leading state-owned entities. According to Ray Andersen, Chairman of the SAICA Integrated Thinking Project Group, “Over 70% of the executives and …

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IRC of South Africa: Preparing an integrated report

The Integrated Reporting Committee (IRC) of South Africa has published a document, “Preparing an integrated report; a starter’s guide“. The paper seeks to provide organizations with practical suggestions on preparing an integrated report. The paper is guided by the International <IR> Framework which has been endorsed by the IRC of South Africa as guidance on …

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<IR>: 2014 in Reflection

The Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants have published a Yearbook of <IR> in Singapore during 2014. It provides a glimpse into the key events and milestones of Singapore’s <IR> journey in 2014.

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Value Creation in the Insurance and Reinsurance Industry

This publication aims to provide concise but practical insights on how integrated thinking and <IR> can help insurance and reinsurance companies in creating value for their stakeholders. An overview on <IR> is provided, starting with the analysis of the mega-trends affecting the insurance industry and investors’ expectations of corporate reporting, defining how insurers and reinsurers can …

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