Publications by partner organizations

The True Integrated Report (Available in Italian)

Authored by Andrea Gasperini, Il vero bilancio integrato aims to explain critically the proposals of the leading organizations whose goal is to promote a new conceptual framework for business reporting, in the form of the integrated report. The book is aimed primarily at those who need better information to take smarter investment decisions.

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Integrated Reporting: Concepts and Cases that Redefine Corporate Accountability

This book by Cristiano Busco, Mark L. Frigo, Paolo Quattrone, and Angelo Riccaboni, focuses on Integrated Reporting as a contemporary social and managerial innovation where a number of initiatives, organizations and individuals began to converge in response to the need for a consistent, collaborative and internationally accepted approach to redesign corporate reporting.

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Integrated Reporting in South Africa – From Concept to Practice

Research by The World Business Council for Sustainable Development offers insights from the practical experiences of those who have implemented <IR> and the response from investors. The report finds that <IR> encourages concise and strategically-focused reporting, and promotes – both internally and externally – better understanding of companies’ strategy and risks in a single document. The …

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ICGN Global Governance Principles

The International Corporate Governance Network has recommended in its Global Governance Principles that boards should produce an integrated report. The ICGN Principles describe the responsibilities of boards and shareholders respectively and aim to enhance dialogue between the two parties. They embody ICGN’s mission to inspire and promote effective standards of governance to help advance efficient markets …

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IIRC Chairman, Professor Mervyn E King SC, and Leigh Roberts of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants have co-authored a book, ‘Integrate: Doing Business in the 21st Century‘

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The Institute of Internal Auditors: Integrated Reporting and the emerging role of internal auditing

The Institute of Internal Auditors have produced a publication entitled ‘Integrated Reporting and the Emerging Role of Internal Auditing’ setting out the relationship between internal audit standards and the International <IR> Framework. The IIA Paper states, “For Internal Audit, the question becomes not if Integrated Reporting will be adopted but what should the internal auditor’s role …

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