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Tomorrow’s business success

Using Integrated Reporting to help create value and effectively tell the full story: A guide for Chairmen, CEOs and CFOs, enabling them to consider how <IR> can help the future success of their business. The guide, along with a summary flyer and accompanying tool-kit, focuses on how <IR> helps a company create value, and effectively …

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Realizing the benefits: The impact of integrated reporting

In this second research project with IIRC Pilot Programme organizations, which built on initial research conducted in 2012, 66 organizations responded to a survey about their reporting and management process, and the impact they have seen from changes they have made on their journey. Download the report

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Building the Business Case for Integrated Reporting

The report ‘Understanding Transformation: Building the Business Case for Integrated Reporting‘, tracks the behavioural changes of businesses on their journey towards Integrated Reporting during the first year of the IIRC’s Pilot Programme.

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