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Value Creation in the Insurance and Reinsurance Industry

This publication aims to provide concise but practical insights on how integrated thinking and <IR> can help insurance and reinsurance companies in creating value for their stakeholders. An overview on <IR> is provided, starting with the analysis of the mega-trends affecting the insurance industry and investors’ expectations of corporate reporting, defining how insurers and reinsurers can …

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ISO 26000

ISO 26000 and the International Integrated Reporting Framework briefing summary

This ISO publication gives a brief overview of how ISO 26000 and the International <IR> Framework compliment each other. The publication states, “Through promoting integrated thinking, ISO 26000 and the International <IR> Framework support companies in understanding and enhancing the value they create for society and for financial investors. In addition, both encourage organizations to communicate how they …

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<IR> Yearbook 2014

This Yearbook demonstrates and celebrates the momentum behind Integrated Reporting – highlighting the experiences, tips and recommendations of the businesses and investors that helped to develop, test and pioneer Integrated Reporting.

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Robert G. Eccles and Michael P. Krzus

The Integrated Reporting Movement: Meaning, Momentum, Motives and Materiality

Authored by Robert G. Eccles, Michael P. Krzus and Sydney Ribot, this new book is an in-depth, enlightening look at the Integrated Reporting movement. The Integrated Reporting Movement explores the meaning of the concept, explains the forces that provide momentum to the associated movement, and examines the motives of the actors involved. The book posits …

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Tomorrow’s business success

Using Integrated Reporting to help create value and effectively tell the full story: A guide for Chairmen, CEOs and CFOs, enabling them to consider how <IR> can help the future success of their business. The guide, along with a summary flyer and accompanying tool-kit, focuses on how <IR> helps a company create value, and effectively …

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PwC: Corporate performance: what investment professionals want to know

PwC research with mainstream investors clearly shows that they are looking for better quality information in key areas aligned to <IR>. According to 80% of investors in a global survey conducted by PwC, investment professionals’ perception of management quality is affected by the quality of a company’s reporting. And nearly two-thirds of investment professionals (63%) …

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Realizing benefits

Realizing the benefits: The impact of integrated reporting

In this second research project with IIRC Pilot Programme organizations, which built on initial research conducted in 2012, 66 organizations responded to a survey about their reporting and management process, and the impact they have seen from changes they have made on their journey. Download the report

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