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Our annual report for the year ending 31 December 2019 is in two parts:

  1. IIRC Integrated Report 2019 - this report is a concise communication about how we create value
  2. IIRC Financial Statements 2019 - a separate report containing our full financial statements, prepared in accordance with IFRS as adopted by the European Union, and other statutory disclosures.

To balance the twin goals of conciseness and completeness, we use a variety of formats to meet the diverse interests of our stakeholders. As well as the PDF/printed version, we provide an interactive online HTML version with features that make it easier to find, extract and share information.

Responsibility for the Report

As the Board of the International Integrated Reporting Council (a company limited by guarantee), we acknowledge our responsibility for ensuring the integrity of our Integrated Report 2019. Together with management, and reflecting on our operating context, strategy and value creation model, we believe this integrated report addresses all matters that have, or could have, a material effect on our ability to create value. We have applied our collective mind to the preparation and presentation of information in this integrated report, which has been prepared in accordance with the International Integrated Reporting Framework (<IR> Framework).

We have examined the content and presentation of our Integrated Report 2019 to ensure application of the requirements summarized in the appendix of the <IR> Framework.

Barry Melancon
Chair of the Board
1 May 2020