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Stakeholder engagement is ingrained in our governance, strategy, business model and activities. Our stakeholder groups, as outlined in our constitution, are represented on the IIRC Council and the IIRC Board which we convene regularly. We also engage with all stakeholder groups through our annual conference and bilateral meetings. Other engagement mechanisms specific to particular stakeholder groups are indicated below.

Stakeholder group Stakeholder interest Our response
Business and other reporter entities Support for implementation of integrated reporting; and alignment of reporting standards and frameworks. See strategic theme three on how we are supporting implementation. Strategic theme two focuses on alignment of the corporate reporting landscape. .
Providers of financial capital Better corporate reporting to inform evaluation business and their risks and returns; and improved performance of portfolio companies. Our <IR> Framework is specifically aimed at providing better information to providers of financial capital. We are also supporting moves for alignment of metrics.
Framework developers
and standard setters
Collaboration to reduce confusion and perception of a reporting patchwork by reporters. Strategic theme two focuses on alignment of the corporate reporting landscape – see here for how we are promoting this.
Accountancy profession Evolve and enhance the role and expertise of the accountant and professional services providers to match the needs of modern business and society. Our relationship with the accountancy profession continues to thrive and provide mutual benefits, including capacity building, elevated profile in the business community and momentum for enhanced reporting.
Policy makers, regulators and exchanges Improved corporate reporting that increases efficacy of capital markets and business behaviour for the long-term and wider society benefits. See how we engage with policy makers and regulators. .
Civil society Business that serves society better. We benefit from civil society’s voice on our Board and our Council. We engage on such matters as responsible business, environmental stewardship and inclusive capitalism. This forges our relationships and progresses shared agendas in the public interest. We need to communicate better with funders to align our interests.
Academia Study links between reporting, performance and investment. The academic community provides credible evidence of the benefits of integrated reporting. We recognize the needs, interests and vital role of academia and feel further investment in these relationships is important. See here.
Our team An environment which facilitates good performance and professional development. Team commitment will continue to drive our success. Our annual staff survey again showed strong alignment to the goals of the IIRC and we produced an action plan to address identified areas for improvement.