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IIRC strategic phases

2010-2011 2012-2014 2015-2017 2018-2020 2021-2026
Determine the conceptual viability of and market support for integrated reporting Develop the <IR> Framework, build global awareness and encourage experimentation Achieve a meaningful shift towards early adoption of the <IR> Framework Prepare for global adoption of the <IR> Framework Completion of standards and interconnected oversight structure in place as successful outcomes

We have developed five integrated themes that aim to enhance operational delivery and support our external communications in our Momentum phase (these have been reframed since 2018):

  1. <IR> Framework: adoption, relevance, guidance – the key way for the IIRC to demonstrate its relevance to businesses and investors.
  2. Corporate Reporting Dialogue (CRD): standards for all reporters helping to communicate the CRD’s purpose to promote greater coherence, consistency and comparability.
  3. Coalition for change: meeting ‘customer’ needs – the purpose of our Council coalition.
  4. Capacity/Resources: a resilient organization – understanding our resource needs as an organization.
  5. Corporate Reporting Map – for global adoption to show what a successful outcome looks like.

It remains our goal to transition to the Global Adoption Phase of our strategy when a global adoption strategy has been developed and agreed by the IIRC’s Board and Council.

The IIRC does not operate in a vacuum, but as part of an ecosystem of corporate reporting standard setters and framework providers. We are a coalition of shared interests and our intention is that the concepts included in our <IR> Framework become widely accepted as normal corporate reporting practice. We take a collaborative approach to our engagement with those organizations in the CRD as we build a global consensus for a comprehensive corporate reporting system.

We are a global organization with a small team so it is vital that we leverage strategic partners who can amplify our message, advocate for change, produce credible research and lead market-based networks that bring together businesses, investors and regulators. This inclusive, market-based partnership approach will remain the linchpin of our strategy delivery and delivers on our commitment to be market-led, while multiplying the available resources for our cause.

IIRC team structure and activities (at year end)

  • <IR> Framework technical programme
  • <IR> Training
  • <IR> Examples Database
  • <IR> Academic Network
  • <IR> Business Network
  • IIRC Conferences
  • Country plans
  • Policy and regulator engagement
  • Online communications
  • IIRC strategy
  • Governance Central business functions
2.6 FTE

FTE = full-time equivalent staff members

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