ATT: Integrated reporting – reassuring your stakeholders

28 June, 2017

In an uncertain world, investors are increasingly looking for more than financial results when making investment decisions.

Memories of the financial crash have cast a long shadow – even when things look good on paper, the examples of Lehman Brothers, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have shown that seemingly robust financials are not always as cast-iron as they might appear.

How to address this problem? Integrated Reporting <IR> is a way of creating a more robust picture of your business health. By measuring a range of variables, and focusing on long-term growth instead of (merely) short-term financial soundness, <IR> ensures the business is geared for sustainable future. Not only does this benefit the company itself, it gives reassurance to your stakeholders that you are a profitable and sustainable business. Further, due to <IR>’s focus on ethical transparency, you can demonstrate that your company meets its environmental, social and human capital responsibilities too.

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