How are you promoting <IR>? AICPA insights

29 September, 2014

An interview with Amy Pawlicki, Director – Business Reporting, Assurance & Advisory Services and XBRL at AICPA, (the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants).

Why does your organization support <IR>? 
We believe that a core purpose of accounting institutes around the world is to enhance the quality and relevance of corporate reporting, evolving and enhancing content to meet the needs of the global marketplace.  It is also our responsibility to ensure that accountants, as the managers of the underlying language of business, continue to remain relevant and well equipped to help their clients and organizations to adapt to the changing business environment.

Why should your members get behind <IR>? 
In the United States, we are finding that our members are increasingly embracing the value of the <IR> Framework from the perspective of internal communication and coordination across departments and divisions to improve strategic planning and decision-making. There are benefits for organizations in broadening their lens to look at all forms of capital and how the company’s management of those capitals relates to its ability to create value in the short, medium and long term. Furthermore, there is increasing recognition that this richer perspective is also essential for effective and meaningful external reporting to providers of financial capital including investors and creditors, and other key stakeholders.

What campaign or approach has given you the best response? And what tip(s) would you give to other organizations?
We have utilized many communications channels to help keep our members informed about developments related to <IR> including conference presentations, webcasts, articles, blog posts and news updates.  However we seem to have the greatest impact through the more interactive channels such as webcasts where participants can raise live questions, and blog posts where we can link to related materials and tools.  In particular, members seem to especially appreciate insights based on real life experiences companies have had with <IR> to date.