Italian Body for Business Reporting – OIBR – launched

22 May, 2019

The Italian Body for Business Reporting – sustainability, non-financial and integrated reporting (OIBR) will come together for the first time in June 2019.

A range of Italian stakeholders are setting up this new body, including large companies, SMEs, universities, professional and sector-based associations, and non-profit entities.

The body will continue with the objectives and long-standing activities of NIBR (the Italian Network for Business Reporting).

This new body, OIBR, will focus on developing and disseminating guidelines, studies and research, as well as principles and standards with a technical and practical orientation. The focus will be on business reporting, non-financial statements, sustainability reporting, the TCFD recommendations, and ultimately integrated reporting.

Working groups will be set up to consider issues most relevant to stakeholders, whilst also meeting as a whole to deliver a unified voice from Italy in the international arena.

The OIBR will have the legal structure of a foundation – operating as a non-profit entity – and will be a market-led organization open to all Italian stakeholders.

The creation of the OIBR was announced at the IIRC’s Global Conference in London on 17 May 2019. Initial events hosted by the OIBR will include a roundtable discussion on the Corporate Reporting Dialogue’s Better Alignment Project consultation in Milan on 3 June 2019.

The official launch event of the OIBR will take place at the Catholic University of Milan in October.

Anyone interested in joining and contributing to the work of the OIBR should contact Prof. Stefano Zambon, NIBR Secretary General on