Is Integrated Reporting just a passing fad?

3 June 2015 in Blog posts

Sarah Grey, Markets Director, IIRC sums up an <IR> Business Network debate, held to coincide with the first IIRC Council meeting of 2015. The <IR> Business Network debate asked the question, “Is Integrated Reporting just a fad? Or is it here to stay?’ Eight senior panellists – a mixture of large multinational business representatives and …

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What is the value of a park?

3 June 2015 in Blog posts

Grant Patterson, Programme Lead, Public Sector Pioneer Network, IIRC, talks about a Public Sector Pioneer Network debate, held to coincide with the first IIRC Council meeting of 2015.  It was clear from the Public Sector Pioneer Network event that interest in the public sector for Integrated Reporting <IR> is gaining considerable momentum. Public sector bodies are …

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Interview with ICGN: How are you encouraging uptake?

27 May 2015 in IIRC's news

An interview with George Dallas, Policy Director, International Corporate Governance Network Why does your organization support <IR>?  The ICGN is an investor-led body established in 1995 with over 600 members, including institutional investors with assets under management of $26 trillion. Our mission is to inspire and promote good standards of corporate governance, both to improve the …

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Three shifts towards better decision-making

26 May 2015 in Blog posts

The game-changing model of US criminal justice, “the broken windows theory”, dictates that if you take care of the small problems you can prevent the big problems from occurring in the first place.  The theory is that when a window is broken and someone fixes it, it is a sign that disorder will not be …

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April Newsletter

5 May 2015 in Newsletter

In this issue: Providing clarity across frameworks and standards An insight into the new Integrated Reporting website B20 Update Learning from leading practice IIRC responds to public consultation

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The investor ‘blind taste test’ on Integrated Reporting

5 May 2015 in Blog posts

The long-term success of Integrated Reporting requires active engagement with investors, who in turn value the benefits it brings as part of the investment decisions they make. Recent PwC research asked investment professionals to rate the importance attached to a range of information disclosures. An overwhelming majority placed importance on broader information – clear links …

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Providing clarity across frameworks and standards

5 May 2015 in News releases

Eight of the world’s most prominent organizations in corporate reporting are today publishing a landscape map that provides a snapshot of a comparison of their frameworks, standards and related requirements through the lens of Integrated Reporting. These eight organizations strengthened their cooperation in 2014 through the Corporate Reporting Dialogue, an initiative designed to respond to …

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Building trust by communicating transparently

30 April 2015 in Blog posts

I was reading an article featured in the ACCA’s Accounting Futures magazine recently, which highlighted the importance of the Board and in particular, the CEO, in building trust. This has been evidenced through the Edelman’s Trust Barometer, which examines trust on a global scale, and I have to say it is a really interesting read, …

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Tell your value creation story using the Integrated Reporting Framework

21 April 2015 in Blog posts

Businesses need to account for their consumption – and generation – of all types of resource Post the global financial crisis an increasing number of CEOs recognised the need to rebuild trust by broadening their strategic communications to a much wider set of stakeholders than just their shareholders, telling a coherent story of the resources consumed …

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Professor Kunio Ito of Hitotsubashi University becomes Ambassador for Integrated Reporting

16 April 2015 in News releases

Professor Kunio Ito of Hitotsubashi University in Japan has become an Ambassador for Integrated Reporting <IR> – a move welcomed by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC). A well respected government advisor, Professor Ito has been instrumental in the adoption of <IR> in Japan, where the Japan Investor Relations Association estimates that around 130 Japanese …

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