A cohesive and connected future for reporting in Europe

6 August 2020 in Blog posts

In 2014, the European Commission identified integrated reporting as ‘one step ahead’ of the Non-Financial Reporting Directive. Hundreds of businesses across Europe should be commended for taking this step in the intervening years, with many of Europe’s largest businesses successfully embedding integrated thinking and reporting into the way they do business. Driven by the desire …

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IVO Capital Partners joins leading investors in call for integrated reporting

5 August 2020 in IIRC's news, News releases

IVO Capital Partners has signed the IIRC’s investor statement, signalling its support for integrated reporting and encouraging companies to use the International <IR> Framework to communicate effectively. The statement, already signed by over 20 investor organizations from around the world, demonstrates the demand for integrated reporting by investors internationally – as they call for focused, strategic information on …

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IIRC CEO Charles Tilley features in ACCA Insights podcast focusing on Adams’s SDGD recommendations

29 July 2020 in IIRC's news

The ACCA Insights division has released a podcast focusing on the Sustainable Development Goals Disclosure (SDGD) Recommendations, authored by Carol Adams, Professor of Accounting, with Paul Druckman and Russell Picot, Honorary Professors at Durham University Business School, which offer a new approach for businesses and other organizations to address sustainable development issues. The Recommendations attempt …

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Charles Tilley to continue as CEO

23 July 2020 in IIRC's news

Charles Tilley will continue in his role as IIRC CEO, having initially been appointed Interim CEO in June 2019. Charles is a long-term leader in the field, having served as Chair of the IIRC’s Technical Task Force – the body responsible for the creation of the International <IR> Framework. The announcement comes as the IIRC …

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Integrated thinking – a way forward: The Good Governance Academy releases third memorandum

15 July 2020 in IIRC's news, News releases

The Good Governance Academy, an international collaboration of business schools, institutions and universities that shares information on critical governance and business science issues, has released a report ‘Integrated thinking and doing an integrated report’, the report brings together insights and findings from a Colloquium it held in May 2020. The colloquium was attended by over …

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Now is the Time for Companies to Rethink Value Creation. Here’s What that Means for CFOs

8 July 2020 in Blog posts

The COVID-19 pandemic is the greatest threat to value creation in generations. Amidst significant financial loss and looming recessions in 2020 for many countries, many businesses are thinking more deeply about their purpose and value proposition to a wider range of stakeholders. COVID has also accelerated digital transformation, which together with a broader role in …

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Global Coalition Issues Guidance on How Businesses Can Adopt a Long-Term Value Creation Agenda

25 June 2020 in IIRC's news, News releases

In the wake of unprecedented economic disruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies are rethinking their fundamentals and assessing how their corporate purpose, strategy and business model will drive long-term success. To support businesses in this uncertain environment, the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC), and the Association of International …

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Support for global interconnected corporate reporting system gains momentum

17 June 2020 in IIRC's news

Today’s Accountancy Europe feedback statement on the Cogito paper, Interconnected Standard Setting for Corporate Reporting, clearly highlights the need for an interconnected global corporate reporting system, underpinned by a single set of standards linked by an integrated conceptual framework.  The unifying principles of integrated reporting – a focus on multi-capital value creation, integrated thinking and connectivity between financial and …

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Developing personal integrated thinking in the age of crisis

16 June 2020 in Blog posts

Developing personal integrated thinking in the age of crisis COVID 19 has seen widespread global disruption at levels unprecedented in human history. And yet, humans have never been as connected as they are now – a result of rapid advances in technology, and a global connection coming in the form of one economy. Even if …

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Perspective matters – putting a values-based business model at the heart of reporting and governance

10 June 2020 in Blog posts

In this blog, Mark Chambers, the Associate Director for Governance at the Institute of Business Ethics (IBE), explains why it’s important that a company’s business model is at the core of its external reporting. In the IBE’s publication on Ethics and Section 172 launched earlier this year, we cautioned against a box-ticking approach to the new reporting …

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