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November/December Newsletter

17 December 2015

In this issue: An overview of <IR> in 2015 from IIRC CEO, Paul Druckman Using Integrated Reporting to account for climate change IIRC Council meets in Tokyo, where <IR> is now widely accepted G20 looks to Integrated Reporting News on the <IR> Training Programme Enabling progress and bright ideas at Official <IR> Convention Academics to …

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October Newsletter

3 November 2015

In this issue: New reports are evidence of the need for Integrated Reporting Investor push for better information and Integrated Reporting IFAC’s vision for integrated thinking CEOs and CFOs are not happy with current reporting Integrated Reporting in action in Japan Integrated Reporting aligns with existing requirements in the UK The future of corporate reporting

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September Newsletter

5 October 2015

IIRC appoints new Board to enhance the global reach and influence of <IR> Don’t miss out: 2015 Official <IR> Convention Have you responded to the IFRS Foundation Trustees’ Review and Structure and Effectiveness? Business arm of G20 identifies the very real potential benefit behind <IR> #17 – Which Global Goal are you supporting? <IR> Training …

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August Newsletter

4 September 2015

In this edition: Influential investors call for <IR> as best practice for governance <IR>’s goals of financial stability and sustainable development have never been more important New collaboration with Center for Corporate Reporting to spread <IR> in Switzerland Applying the <IR> concept of ‘the capitals’ in the banking industry

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July Newsletter

31 July 2015

In this issue: Help us to develop training on <IR> to meet market needs Sri Lanka latest country to see economic benefit of <IR> Inside stories that will enable you to advance your <IR> journey In case you missed them… <IR> resources

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June Newsletter

9 July 2015

In this issue: IIRC calls for market-led action to enhance confidence in <IR> More than a third of Dutch listed companies are working towards <IR> How should you report on human capital? Happy Anniversary to ICGN, WBCSD, Black Sun, UNGC and CERES! A Global Investor Perspective

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May Newsletter

4 June 2015

In this issue: IIRC meets in London The market acknowledges the value of Integrated Reporting Japanese report calls for <IR> CDSB and IIRC sign statement of collaboration

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April Newsletter

5 May 2015

In this issue: Providing clarity across frameworks and standards An insight into the new Integrated Reporting website B20 Update Learning from leading practice IIRC responds to public consultation

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March Newsletter

1 April 2015

In this issue: <IR> networks worldwide now have over 750 participants <IR> Academic Network Public Sector Pioneer Network moves forward <IR> Technology Initiative gets underway <IR> Banking Network Chairman, Mikkel Larsen, delves into integrated thinking

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February Newsletter

4 March 2015

In this issue: Training for <IR> ISO standard complements <IR> Framework An end to the mantra ‘people are our greatest asset’ <IR> in Zambia: “Integrated Reporting anchors the reporting process in a more meaningful expression of how value is created” New collaboration with Dutch accountancy body to spread <IR>

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