Contextual reporting connects the Integrated Report to company data

3 February 2015 in Blog posts

It used to be that the only information available on a company was the information made available by the company. Typically, this information was delivered in the form of an annual report. Although annual reports got larger and weightier, today they are no longer the only source of information about a company. Instead, we get …

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January Newsletter

31 January 2015 in Newsletter

In this issue: <IR> on stage at Davos <IR> Insurance Network CEO of Singapore Accountancy Commission discusses their first Annual Report Next steps for Assurance on <IR> Contextual reporting connects the integrated report to company data

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Next steps for Assurance on <IR>

29 January 2015 in IIRC's news

Organizations from across the world contributed to the consultation on <IR> assurance papers which closed on 8 December 2014. Sixty-one submissions were received from a wide range of stakeholders in 19 countries, as well as from regional and international organizations. Over 300 experts also contributed to the consultation through a series of roundtables in 14 …

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<IR> on stage at Davos

29 January 2015 in IIRC's news

Integrated Reporting has a role to play in the shift from short-term capital markets to sustainable capital markets. As the World Economic Forum in Davos focused on “The New Global Context” such as climate change, big data and the increasing necessity to plan for the long term, Paul Druckman, CEO, IIRC was invited to speak …

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A five-step guide to kick starting Integrated Reporting

23 January 2015 in Blog posts

New year, new start. Perhaps this year your company needs to implement Integrated Reporting, or it’s a change you’ve been thinking of making for a while. Like so many resolutions the most daunting thing is figuring out where to start. Below are five steps to get you going on the right path. Put together your …

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Creating value for the board

7 January 2015 in Blog posts

Corporate reporting, and the thinking that has to accompany it, are boardroom issues. This is where strategy, performance and the development and communication of long-term value are best understood, aligned and led. This view is endorsed by the International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN) whose revised Global Governance Principles now include the recommendation that boards should …

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December Newsletter

17 December 2014 in Newsletter

The December 2014 newsletter is a special edition of the IIRC Newsletter – one year on from the Framework launch. It introduces the <IR> Yearbook 2014, which highlights the experiences, tops and recommendations of the businesses and investors that helped to develop, test and pioneer <IR> in the IIRC Pilot Programme. The newsletter can be …

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The IIRC congratulates A4S on a successful ten years

11 December 2014 in News releases

The International Integrated Reporting Council congratulates The Prince’s Accounting for Sustainability Project (A4S) on its tenth anniversary and for the fantastic work that has been done over those years in driving the finance and accountancy community towards resilient business models and sustainable economies. Commenting on the anniversary, Paul Druckman, CEO of the IIRC said, “Our …

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November Newsletter

30 November 2014 in Newsletter

In this issue: Building transparency and trust in the public sector Harnessing new technology to improve reporting Learning from the South Africa experience World Congress of Accountants paves way to adoption ‘Creating Value’ published Your last chance to contribute to the debate on assurance

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Technology Initiative launches to underpin new generation of reporting

26 November 2014 in News releases

Leading companies providing technology solutions are joining forces to look at how technology can underpin new trends in corporate reporting, and in particular can be applied to assist in the global adoption of Integrated Reporting <IR>. Launched today by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC), the <IR> Technology Initiative will build a deep understanding of …

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