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March Newsletter

27 March 2014

In this issue: South Africa endorses the International <IR> Framework <IR> in India, Sweden and Australia: a quick ‘around the world wrap up’ for March It’s about the whole movie, not just how it ends “<IR> marks a paradigm shift in the way companies and other organizations think about business model and the creation of …

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February Newsletter

27 February 2014

In this issue: <IR> is here to stay… and the evidence is building <IR> crucial part of Japan’s ‘Abenomics’ IIRC plays an important role in Christine Lagarde’s “hyper-connected world” “A management team distracted by a series of short-term targets is as pointless as a dieter stepping on a scale every half hour.” Major study hales …

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January Newsletter

31 January 2014

In this issue: Call for research proposals to stimulate fresh insight into issues at the heart of the development of <IR> IIRC Pilot Programme Businesses showcase their journeys towards <IR> The IIRC announces latest Memorandum of Understanding Global accounting body includes Integrated Reporting in its qualification.

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November Newsletter

26 November 2013

In this issue: IIRC Pilot Programme Yearbook 2013, ‘Business and Investors explore the sustainability perspective of Integrated Reporting’ United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) sign Memorandum of Understanding with the IIRC The IIRC “will be issuing a framework on integrated reporting – and the world will be watching” Dina Medland, Forbes The Generali …

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October Newsletter

22 October 2013

In this issue: 2013 Investor Critique of the IIRC Pilot Programme Business Network IIRC Pilot Programme businesses win at Building Public Trust Awards Book Release: ‘Integrate’: Doing Business in the 21st Century’ – Professor Mervyn E King S.C and Leigh Roberts Capturing the feedback to the Consultation Draft of the International <IR> Framework. <IR> in …

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September Newsletter

26 September 2013

In this issue: Momentum for <IR> gathers pace in South East Asia Update to the Emerging <IR> Database gives new insight into emerging practice Reflections on the South African approach to Integrated Reporting International <IR> Framework Update New reporting guidelines are stepping stones towards <IR> 359 submissions to the Consultation Draft available to view “<IR> …

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August Newsletter

13 August 2013

In this issue: Deutsche Börse Group becomes 100th business to join IIRC Pilot Programme The IIRC continues to develop the Framework post consultation Internal Auditors have a large role to play in Integrated Reporting The IIRC collaborates with CDP and CDSB to accelerate Integrated Reporting Eskom’s journey towards Integrated Reporting DBS Bank talk Integrated Reporting …

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July Newsletter

11 July 2013

In this issue: Integrated Reporting Unlocks the Power of Business Time is Running Out! Feedback on the Consultation Draft <IR> and the G8 UN Global Compact Endorsement of <IR> Michael Nugent, IIRC Technical Director on <IR> Content Elements Hear an Investor’s Perspective on <IR> Prudential Financial’s <IR> Journey

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June Newsletter

6 June 2013

In this issue: Providing Feedback on the <IR> Framework DBS takes its first steps on the road to Integrated Reporting <IR> in Australia Read the Consultation Draft Michael Nugent, IIRC’s technical director on <IR> Guiding Principles Aviva’s Steve Waygood talks about the benefits of <IR> and why Aviva got involved

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April Newsletter

9 May 2013

In this issue: Mervyn King on the Global Launch of the Consultation Draft Launch Event Stats <IR> in the headlines IIRC Says EC Proposals are an Important Milestone on the Journey Towards <IR>

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