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AICL Communications

Training License: India, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and the UAE

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AICL Communications Limited (AICL) is a strategic communications consultancy specialising
in corporate reporting. Since 2007, AICL has been working with some of India’s most
illustrious companies helping them articulate their unique purpose and their business value
proposition. Over the last 11 years, it has worked with nearly 400 companies in India
(including its largest and most influential corporations), offering services across Corporate
Reporting, Sustainability Communication, Employee Engagement and Brand

AICL has been a leader in the integrated reporting discourse in India, and driven its adoption.
AICL helps its clients communicate their strategy, identify their material issues, categorise
and engage with relevant stakeholders and develop their value-creation model, eventually
illustrating their ‘integrated thinking’ through the medium of integrated reports. It is also
engaging with clients in helping their management teams understand the concepts of integrated reporting;
better, and evangelising integrated reporting in India and neighbouring geographies.

Working with key globally reputed brands such as Reliance, Tata Group, Vedanta and many
others, AICL has been a part of most of the integrated reports published out of India till
date. It works with clients to customise their reporting practices in accordance with industry
trends, benchmarked information and the best corporate reporting standards.

With its strategic insights as well as in-depth knowledge of the regional business
environment, investor community requirements and reporting trends, AICL will design
training programmes that will assist organisations in producing a comprehensive integrated report;
document, one that caters to the information requirement of stakeholders, particularly the
investors or providers of financial capital.

“AICL enables companies embrace a wider definition of creating, delivering, capturing and
communicating value. The integrated reporting paradigm is a globally relevant and effective
framework for communication and we are proud to partner the IIRC in its endeavour of
getting more and more companies on board. AICL, by virtue of its involvement with every
aspect of the report creation and publication process, is uniquely positioned to deliver a
practical training programme to embed sustainable thinking and all-round value creation
into the strategic thought process of clients. Our goal is to kindle integrated thinking and
motivate a shift in focus towards a more holistic view of what is material to a company’s
value-creation ability.” — Arvind Agrawal, Founder & CEO, AICL Communications Limited

Find out more about AICL Communications and the training they have developed for integrated reporting via the AICL website.