Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton


Direct Contact: Timothy Buckby

Grant Thornton is one of Sweden’s fastest growing assurance and consulting firms with approximately 1,200 employees in 24 offices. Grant Thornton Sweden’s vision is to work towards a prosperous Swedish business community by providing responsible, sustainable and future-oriented advice for our immediate business community. To achieve our vision, we integrate sustainability into our entire business. Consequently, being an <IR> Training Partner enables us to deliver the most forward-looking framework that will ultimately benefit our clients.

The training will be well aligned to how we as a firm work towards the integration of financial and non-financial aspects. The objective is to give today’s businesses the right reporting tools that can give strategic value rather than another tactical cost. Integrated thinking, which is the underlying driver of integrated reporting, is where a company can truly create value. Without integrated thinking an integrated report merely becomes  an added cost. Therefore, we place extreme importance on how to achieve a truly sustainable company by looking beyond the surface of the report.

As an <IR> Training Partner, we strive to deliver training that is built on experience which includes our own challenges and benefits from implementing an integrated report.

Find out more about Grant Thornton and the training they have developed for integrated reporting via the Grant Thornton website.