MIB Trieste School of Management

MIB Trieste School of Management


Direct contact: Maria Cristina Cesaro, cesaro@mib.edu

Established as a not-for-profit private consortium of Academic and Corporate members, MIB serves the post-graduate, post-experience segments of Management Higher Education. It offers a broad range of Masters programs, from MBAs to Specialized Masters and Corporate Masters. The School is active, as well, in the Executive Education market, where it offers shorter courses.

As an <IR> Training Foundation Partner, MIB targets the Italian market for IR training, a market which is particularly advanced and mature regarding corporate reporting practices.

Further, the recent introduction of a national law on non-financial disclosure (DL 254/2016) opens very positive conditions for the introduction of the IR training programmes in Italy.

Leveraging on their links with the Italian IIRC community and with important corporate associations, such as ANIA (Association of Insurance Companies) and Assonime (Italian Association of Joint Stock Companies), MIB Trieste School of Management and its partner Generali Group have designed a set of training modules in full accordance to the Competence Matrix set by IIRC.

The training is targeted to:

  1. Companies listed at the Milan Stock Exchange, for whom the Integrated Reporting is considered a best practice.
  2. Private companies having set the goal to improve their external communication, consistently with their strategic orientation towards the achievement of financial and non-financial performance indicators.
  3. State-owned and State-controlled entities, whose institutional goal is to assure a full and transparent information to all the relevant stakeholders.