Michael Bray

Michael Bray

Director: In-Country Engagement

Michael Bray is Director – In-Country Engagement of the International Integrated Reporting Council, driving in-country integrated reporting adoption and assurance.

Michael has been associated with the IIRC since its inception, most recently as a member of the IIRC Board of Directors (2017 to 2020).

Prior to joining the IIRC management team, Michael was a Director of KPMG Australia’s Better Business Reporting Services (2016-2020), and an audit partner of KPMG Australia until 2016 (1989-2016). Michael led the global development of KPMG’s Performance Insight service to assist clients in improving their corporate reporting and corporate reporting management systems.

Michael continues as Professor of Practice (Integrated Reporting) at Deakin University, Director – Industry Engagement & Thought Leadership within the Deakin Integrated Reporting Centre, and Project Executive for the Australian Business Reporting Leaders Forum.

Michael was the Executive Partner of KPMG’s Global, Asia Pacific and Australian Energy & Natural Resources groups between 2001 and 2010, a Director of the Australian Energy Policy Institute, and an alternate member of the 2015 B20 Infrastructure & Investment Task Force.