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About New Zealand Post

New Zealand Post is about delivery – delivering parcels, packages and mail for businesses and consumers. We provide our sending and receiving customers with services to help them communicate and do business.

New Zealand Post is part of the national landscape, integral to the Kiwi way of life for nearly 180 years. We’re evolving and developing our business to meet the changing needs of our customers. NZ Post is here for the long run. We’re committed to our people and New Zealand communities and our sustainability goals are just another way of showing this.

What New Zealand Post says about its journey towards integrated reporting

CEO Dave Walsh says “Our aim is to inform our stakeholders about how we have created value in each of the six capitals in the reporting period, and how we plan to keep doing so over the medium and long term. I’m looking forward to the year ahead as we continue to deliver what people care about.”

NZ Post was one of the early adopters of integrated reporting in 2013 and this year we are producing the fifth Integrated Report for NZ Post. Expanding on the traditional approach of the Annual Report, integrated reporting evaluates the effects an organisation’s activities have across a broad range of value areas known as capitals.

Our six capitals are:

  • Our people
  • Our environment
  • Our relationships
  • Our networks
  • Our finances
  • Our expertise

In line with the principles of integrated reporting our reports focus on the issues that are most material to our business, and those issues that are affected most by the execution of our strategy.

At NZ Post a material issue is a risk or an opportunity as determined by our stakeholders (internal and external) that could significantly impact our business performance over the medium (3-5 years) or long term (6-10 years). The material issues influence our business strategy and may impact on our ability to create value across these six capitals listed above.

Past integrated reports are available on our website.