The Saudi Investment Bank

The Saudi Investment Bank

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What The Saudi Investment Bank says about its journey towards integrated reporting

In 2011, The Saudi Investment Bank (SAIB) took a major step forward in its reporting process with the introduction of a sustainability report. This marked a change from a single minded focus on the bottom line to a triple bottom line perspective encapsulating our economic, social and environmental impact. With our 2017 Integrated Report we mark another major milestone by moving to integrated reporting. Our emphasis is now on value creation; value in its various forms both internal and external. We also consider value creation over the entire time scale – short, medium and long term. Through the process of value creation, stocks of value, our capitals, are generated. The capitals are transformed by our activities and processes, according to our business model.

About The Saudi Investment Bank

The Saudi Investment Bank is a Saudi Arabian joint stock company which was established by Royal Decree No. M/31 dated June 23, 1976, as The Saudi Investment Banking Corporation and is headquartered in Riyadh. Our operations include wholesale, retail and commercial banking products, both Shariah-compliant and traditional. Our finance operations offer a range of non-interest bearing banking products including Murabaha, Istisna’a and Ijarah. Islamic principles are at the heart of all our operations. Adherence to Shariah principles in product build and product development is assured by our Shariah Committee.