Unimed Uberaba

Unimed Uberaba

About Unimed Uberaba

UNIMED Uberaba, founded 48 years ago, is the largest medical care network in Brazil. The UNIMED System is comprised of 345 cooperatives, 115,000 associate physicians, 18 million beneficiaries, 2,506 licensed hospitals, and 119 self-owned hospitals. It also includes a broad network of its own resources, with 84% of the national market.

UNIMED Uberaba offers Associate Physicians with a broad range of specializations and who are licensed for fundamental services related to hospital care, outpatient care, laboratory, and preventive medicine.

Today, the Cooperative serves close to 15 municipalities, facilitating initiatives from the promotion of health care to social responsibility projects and partnerships. With its own hospital, companies that provide medical diagnosis, health care clinics, and a cancer clinic, UNIMED Uberaba is able to broaden its services in the care of people.

What Unimed Uberaba says about its journey towards integrated reporting

UNIMED Uberaba takes pride in its commitment to developing robust, effective integrated reporting. In 2018 we won the Gold Seal of Governance and Sustainability as well as awards for excellence in management. By joining the <IR> Business Network, we will continue to facilitate important changes to our business through the development and adoption of best practices in management, governance, and transparency. We view our participation in the network as an opportunity to broaden our understanding of our business and of its various impacts, considering fundamental issues to drive sustainable development.

As part of our integrated reporting journey we have worked tirelessly to build transparent relationships. We are working energetically to engage internationally to create a culture based on sustainable solutions for society, the economy and the planet.

We are delighted to be part of the <IR> Business Network, which brings together pioneers and leaders from around the world who are forging this incredible journey towards effective integrated reporting, and look forward to continuing along this way – working together to support and motivate each other to drive best practice. We believe that through unity and collaboration we are best place to transform the way businesses are managed to bring about the best in mankind and its creations.