Resources for Investors

Meeting users’ information needs: The use and usefulness of Integrated Reporting

This report, jointly commissioned by IIRC, the IAAER and ACCA explores how providers of financial capital perceive Integrated Reporting and its potential for providing decision-useful information, through interviews with senior capital market participants. This research report directly polled the views of the users of financial information on integrated reporting, and in doing so, explores how …

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ACCA and IMA: From share value to shared value

ACCA and IMA have released the report ‘From share value to shared value‘ because of the crucial role the accountancy profession is playing in pushing the idea of Integrated Reporting forward. The report is aimed at accountants who would like to get involved more closely, or even drive, the <IR> efforts within their company. The …

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Creating Value: Integrated Reporting and investor benefits

Integrated Reporting and investor benefits, highlights the increasingly compelling evidence on the value of <IR> for investors. Drawing on the latest research, this report serves to highlight the increasingly compelling evidence on the value of <IR> for investors, exploring its benefits for them and the information they deem important. The research compiled largely comprises investor …

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