IIRC 2019 Integrated Report

The International Integrated Reporting Council’s 2019 Integrated Report, ‘Building Consensus Towards a Global System, reiterates the IIRC’s firm commitment to advance a globally accepted and comprehensive corporate reporting system – a system that enhances trust and enables meaningful measurement and disclosure of the value of business to investors and stakeholders representing the economy, society and the environment. The report articulates how the IIRC has, and will continue, to work with partners to move this forward.

With business resilience tested more than ever before due to COVID19, the report sets out the IIRC’s commitment to support businesses using integrated thinking and reporting to navigate these testing and uncertain times, which is bringing to the fore the importance of a multi-capital mindset and, in particular, consideration of human and manufactured capitals.

The report, which was prepared in partnership with Smart Media The Annual Report Company, is published in various formats to ensure the IIRC is communicating effectively with its stakeholders including, as has been the regular practice, via a comprehensive end-to-end online HTML annual report, a video summary and through a standard PDF.