<IR> Training Programme

Welcome to the IIRC’s content area for training on Integrated Reporting. Here you will find an explanation of the <IR> Training Programme and who the <IR> Training Partners selected to offer <IR> Training are.

What is the <IR> Training Programme?

The <IR> Training Programme aims to develop individuals’ skills and build capacity for organizations to implement an Integrated Reporting process based on the International Integrated Reporting Framework. The IIRC has developed a model based on learning outcomes, which specifies levels of competence to be achieved through <IR> Training. The competence levels and related learning outcomes are outlined in the <IR> Competence Matrix. This was developed through a global consultation process including the input of a global advisory group, drawn from a wide range of organizations and countries. The <IR> Competence Matrix identifies the knowledge, skills and behaviours that organizations need to adopt Integrated Reporting and realize its benefits. Read the first section of the <IR> Competence Matrix here. The IIRC will make available the full <IR> Competence Matrix to organizations that commit to not using it for commercial purposes, please complete this short form to request a copy.

What is the IIRC’s approach?

The IIRC has taken a distinct approach to the <IR> Training Programme, which we believe is in keeping with our role to be market-led and to provide global offerings that can be applied in different contexts to suit local practices and requirements. Read more.

Who are the <IR> Training Partners?

The IIRC collaborates on the delivery and promotion of the <IR> Training Programme with partner organizations, which develop and deliver training based on the competence levels as described in the <IR> Competence Matrix. Training Partners must submit for approval a training plan that explains how they will address the learning outcomes from the <IR> Competence Matrix before being able to offer <IR> Training.

Further information on who are the Training Partners and where they are offering <IR> Training is available here.

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