When? Advocate for global adoption

“Integrated Reporting can bring additional information, in
particular about the longer-term costs of climate change, to
feed into markets and inform decision-making and
policy-formulation by institutions. If achieved, it will lead to
better-informed and more sustainable long-term investment,
for the benefit of society.”
Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England

The IIRC is a global coalition with high-profile council members and ambassadors leading the movement for integrated reporting adoption. There are now over 1,750 participants in <IR> Networks worldwide, with, for example, over 300 businesses currently practicing integrated reporting in Japan alone. More than 1,500 businesses globally are using it to communicate with their investors and there is increasing interest in integrated reporting by pioneers in the public sector.

Integrated reporting is on the agenda of international bodies, for example the B20 and IOSCO are both taking an interest in integrated reporting as part of the answer to market challenges worldwide. Regulators in countries such as Japan, India and the UK are among those taking a greater interest in integrated reporting as a route towards achieving more cohesive reporting and promoting financial stability, with the European Commission labeling integrated reporting as ‘a step-ahead’.

The IIRC works with a wide range of partners and supporters to continue to build on this momentum. This section offers tools and updates to help you advocate for integrated reporting in your networks. It also provides insight and knowledge about how integrated reporting is being adopted worldwide, and its fit with wider global policy movements, so that you are always up to date with the latest developments. For more information on any of the developments mentioned please contact info@theiirc.org

Helping you spread the word

For those wanting to promote integrated reporting in your networks, this section will give you the tools, resources and insights to be able to spread the word.

We will update this section regularly to reflect new evidence and publications, as integrated reporting moves into the mainstream, for you to use in your advocacy work.

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Update on global momentum

This map will ensure you are up to date with the considerable momentum.
Integrated reporting is gaining around the world with business uptake growing, and changes in the policy world that will enable integrated reporting to flourish.

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Our policy goals

Significant trends are pointing to a need for better outcomes from reporting.
This section will give you an insight into how integrated reporting fits in with these movements around the world, and the three gear shifts the IIRC is calling for in terms of global economic governance.

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