UAE New Trend For Middle East Companies Moving Towards Listing To Adopt Integrated Reporting

13 December 2017 in IIRC's news

The next step as more family and private firms move towards listing on stock exchanges across the Middle East and North Africa region, is likely to see companies encouraged to meet the new ‘integrated reporting’  practices which are being driven by international investors. Adoption of the practice which sees companies providing annual reports which cover …

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Aspiag Service recognized for 2016 integrated report

29 November 2017 in Blog posts

As the CFO of Aspiag Service – Despar Nordest (the Spar brand dealer in North Eastern Italy) I am delighted that our efforts towards Integrated Reporting have resulted in us winning two awards this year for our integrated report. Most recently we were awarded with the first Italian award for ‘Best Integrated Report’ by the …

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Ethical Corporation’s 6th Responsible Business Summit New York 2018

27 November 2017 in Blog posts

March 26-27 2018, New York, Marriott Brooklyn Bridge #RBSNY   Transform Business. Create long-term impact for industry and society The 6th Responsible Business Summit New York will bring together 400 responsible business professionals from North America’s leading brands to discuss the impending paradigm shift and transformational change to business, industry and society Our agenda covers: …

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Getting Started with Integrated Reporting: Mahindra Group

24 November 2017 in Blog posts

Integrated Reporting is in the rise in India. In this case study Investor Relations and Sustainability leaders at Mahindra Group spoke to Vrushali Gaud, <IR> Associate, IIRC about how and why they’ve evolved their approach to Integrated Reporting.   Mahindra has always striven to be at the forefront of sustainable development and the adoption of progressive …

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IIRC Newsletter

24 November 2017 in Newsletter

The latest news and developments. In this newsletter published November 2017: Business leaders form working group to drive momentum towards Integrated Reporting in the United States Leading stock exchange Borsa Istanbul and IIRC collaborate through <IR> Turkish Network to evolve reporting The Official IIRC Conference 2018 in partnership with ICGN, 28 February & 1 March, …

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Mondovisione: Borsa İstanbul’s Bell Rings For Companies That Prepare Integrated Reports – Integrated Reporting Experience Sharing Meeting Was Held

16 November 2017 in IIRC's news

Integrated Reporting Turkey Network (ERTA), which started its operations in 2015 in order to raise awareness on “Integrated Thought” and “Integrated Reporting” approach in Turkey in line with the global developments and to support companies’ practices in this area, announced its establishment by an opening-bell ceremony at Borsa İstanbul in early 2017. On November 13, …

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ICAS Annual Lecture – Speech by David Nussbaum

9 November 2017 in IIRC's news

David Nussbaum CA, Chief Executive of The Elders and Deputy Chair of the board of the International Integrated Reporting Council, delivered the ICAS Annual Lecture in London on 31 October 2017. This year’s lecture, ‘The World’s Big Problems – is Business a Player or a Passenger?’  took place at Stationers’ Hall in the City of …

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Financial Advisor: Improving The Quality Of ESG Data

8 November 2017 in IIRC's news

Vincent Papa, director, financial reporting policy for CFA Institute, notes that CFA Institute looks at initiatives that enhance company-reported ESG information and how it is incorporated into investment analyses. To do that effectively you need high-quality information. You can read the complete article here.

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