How are you promoting <IR>? A4S insights

31 March 2016 in IIRC's news

An interview with Jessica Fries, Executive Chairman, The Prince’s Accounting for Sustainability Project (A4S). Why does your organization support <IR>?  A4S’s mission is to inspire action by finance leaders to support a fundamental shift towards resilient business models and a sustainable economy. We focus on developing practical tools that finance teams can use to adopt an …

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Corporate Reporting Dialogue releases a Statement of Common Principles of Materiality

30 March 2016 in News releases

A comparison of materiality definitions and approaches by eight of the world’s most prominent organizations in corporate reporting is released today. The principles in this paper represent common foundational principles that participants of the Corporate Reporting Dialogue believe to be broadly consistent with all forms of standards’ development and business reporting to stakeholders. The Corporate …

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IIRC Newsletter

10 March 2016 in Newsletter

In this issue: IIRC Chief Executive Paul Druckman to step down during 2016 Integrated Reporting causes investors to revise upwards their estimates of future cash flows Implementing the Non-Financial Reporting Directive throughout Europe A focus on ‘connectivity’ has clear business benefits Every entrepreneur should want to save the world

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Every entrepreneur should want to save the world

28 February 2016 in Blog posts

I had the immense privilege of speaking at the recent UK launch of Marga Hoek’s book, New Economy Business, held in the illustrious surroundings of the Dutch Ambassador’s London home. Marga leads the Dutch Sustainable Business Association and has been a CEO and advisor to many organizations so sees businesses from various perspectives. The book’s first sentence, …

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IIRC Chief Executive Paul Druckman to step down during 2016

17 February 2016 in News releases

The Board of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) today announces that Paul Druckman, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), will step down during 2016. Paul has agreed with the Board a process to ensure a smooth transition during the year, and is flexible about the timing of his departure. Paul will continue to lead the IIRC …

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<IR> perfect tool for CEOs to align with Larry Fink’s vision

8 February 2016 in IIRC's news

Larry Fink, the CEO of the world’s biggest investor, BlackRock, has written to the Chief Executives of S&P 500 companies and large European organizations. His letter sets out a vision for tackling short-termism, urging companies to report on their strategy. In his letter, he reiterates that it is the responsibility of the board “to review, …

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Investor horizons – a shift towards long-termism?

8 February 2016 in Blog posts

The IIRC strategy rightly emphasizes building a bridge from corporate reporting to investment decisions. In other words, ensuring that integrated reports have an impact with providers of financial capital and are used in investment appraisal and to inform how capital is allocated. This was always an ambitious strategy given the well-documented short-termism in capital market …

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IIRC Newsletter

8 February 2016 in Newsletter

In this issue: <IR> perfect tool for CEOs to align with Larry Fink’s vision Do you have a report coming out soon? Advocates of Integrated Reporting join Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures Insights from the World Economic Forum <IR> firmly on China’s B20 agenda Consultation on the Technology Blueprint for <IR> Adoption to open soon

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Davos 2016: What will it add up to for corporate reporting?

27 January 2016 in Blog posts

The great and the good are at the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual meeting in the lofty Swiss town of Davos this week to discuss the world’s economic and social issues. At the turn of the last century the literati of Europe, from Robert Louis Stevenson to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, escaped to take in …

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