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The Future of Corporate Reporting

10 August 2018

The Institute of Public Auditors in Germany (Institut der Wirtschaftsprüfer in Deutschland) has released a position paper on the future on corporate reporting, (only available in German). IDW’s Matthias Schmidt shares some insights into their thoughts on the future of reporting.  Financial statements alone do not sufficiently display companies’ market value: The book value of SAP …

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New Research on Reporting in New Zealand published by the McGuinness Institute

23 July 2018

Neil Stevenson (IIRC Managing Director, Global Implementation) pictured with McGuiness Institute publication Survey Insights: An analysis of the 2017 Extended External Reporting Surveys. Wendy McGuinness, Chief Executive of the New Zealand-based think tank McGuinness Institute, recently visited the IIRC offices in London. She brought with her a number of publications from the Institute’s Project ReportingNZ, …

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The changing face of UK reporting and the need to focus on long-term value creation

18 July 2018

Today, reporting practices in the UK are moving swiftly towards an integrated approach, reflecting consideration of long-term value drivers which are critical to the success of a company. This approach is considered best practice and is becoming increasingly aligned with the principles of integrated reporting. Even though companies may not overtly link their efforts the …

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Why do investors want to talk about purpose?

27 June 2018

“We have to get better at looking at the bigger picture, where our driver is not profit above all else, as this is an unsustainable business model”, a quote from an executive – Purpose Beyond Profit: The Value of Value – Board-level Insights Our work is built on the premise that a business can help …

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Intangible Balance Sheet

14 June 2018

To transform governance, accountability and decision making to a framework based on the six capitals of the integrated reporting model, will require investors, boards and management to give as much attention to non-financial capital to that traditionally given to financial capital. What might hasten this transition is to apply the traditionally proven approaches of financial …

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Value creation in today’s world

13 June 2018

A focus on value creation for your own organization – the way to promote inclusion and long-term thinking ‘Purpose’ has become popular in recent times. It is a word now to be found in many CEO letters in annual reports, and used as a short hand for restating or redefining the social role of companies, …

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From Monocapitalism to Multicapitalism: 21st Century System Value Creation

12 June 2018

This article was first published on Thomson Reuters on 12 June 2018 and has been reproduced in full below.  For more than half a Millennium – since Franciscan friar Luca Pacioli’s publication of the first full account of double-entry bookkeeping in 1494 – business and investment have calculated value by focusing predominantly on a sole …

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Taskforce on Growing a Culture of Social Impact Investing launch call for evidence

7 June 2018

In 2016, the UK government set up an independent Advisory Group to answer an important question: How can the providers of savings, pensions and investments engage with individuals to enable them to support more easily the things they care about through their savings and investment choices? In November 2017, the Advisory Group published their report, …

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Bringing extinction accounting into the heart of integrated reporting

4 June 2018

Scientists declare that we have now entered the sixth mass extinction on planet earth, that they identify is a direct result of human – and corporate – activity. From insects to mammals, trees to flowers, species are going extinct at an unprecedented rate. The corporate world and society rely entirely on the healthy functioning of …

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