Aims for Integrated Reporting are in line with other global movements

5 November 2015 in IIRC's news

A report from the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) titled, ‘The Financial System We Need’ argues that there is now a historic opportunity to shape a financial system that can more effectively finance the development of an inclusive economy. The report states that to achieve sustainable development “will require a re-alignment of the financial system with the goals …

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Is the company healthy?

3 November 2015 in Blog posts

We need a system that delivers “general practitioner-level” insight into the overall health of the business, argues Paul Druckman, CEO, International Integrated Reporting Council A young man is feeling under the weather.  He unsure what is wrong but he does have big plans for the future.  He is about to sign up for a mortgage, …

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October Newsletter

3 November 2015 in Newsletter

In this issue: New reports are evidence of the need for Integrated Reporting Investor push for better information and Integrated Reporting IFAC’s vision for integrated thinking CEOs and CFOs are not happy with current reporting Integrated Reporting in action in Japan Integrated Reporting aligns with existing requirements in the UK The future of corporate reporting

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The importance of horizons in shaping a responsible future

21 October 2015 in IIRC's news

A speech by Paul Druckman, Chief Executive Officer, International Integrated Reporting Council, given in October 2015: The title of this speech is, “The importance of horizons in shaping a responsible future”.  I want to begin with a quotation from an investment banker which I think frames the challenge I am going to set before you …

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Fiduciary Duty in the 21st Century

21 October 2015 in Blog posts

More and more investors are using Integrated Reporting to inform resource allocation. Will Martindale Head of Policy at the UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), explores the positive duties on investors to integrate more than financial information into their investment decisions. Fiduciary duty may well be two of the most important words in finance – …

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September Newsletter

5 October 2015 in Newsletter

IIRC appoints new Board to enhance the global reach and influence of <IR> Don’t miss out: 2015 Official <IR> Convention Have you responded to the IFRS Foundation Trustees’ Review and Structure and Effectiveness? Business arm of G20 identifies the very real potential benefit behind <IR> #17 – Which Global Goal are you supporting? <IR> Training …

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Enabling widespread adoption of <IR> through the B20 Infrastructure & Investment Taskforce

2 October 2015 in Blog posts

As noted in the 2015 B20 Infrastructure & Investment Taskforce Policy Paper, every year, approximately $9 trillion is spent on infrastructure, of which $2.6 trillion goes into economic infrastructure – transportation, power and water and telecommunications. Over the next 15 years, the gap in economic infrastructure is forecast to reach $15  – $20 trillion. Solutions …

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Why the B20 SMEs & Entrepreneurship Taskforce is advocating for <IR>

1 October 2015 in Blog posts

It’s a well-known fact that SMEs and entrepreneurs provide the backbone to economies around the world. Indeed, SMEs employ more than two thirds of the global private sector workforce and provide more than 80% of net job growth. But it is also well-known that a significantly high proportion fail before they can get off the …

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Outing the outcomes

1 October 2015 in Blog posts

South Africa’s Integrated Reporting Committee (IRC) has tasked its Working Group to come up with an information paper on Outcomes. The reason is that too few companies are getting this right in their integrated reports. It’s an area needing improvement that doesn’t appear to be particular to the South African reports. When asking international colleagues to …

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